League of Neuroshima Hex! (sign in)

Monday 06/14 is a last day to join us!!    (Modified)

Please, in comments just put your nick and (in brackets) your game center nick to rest of our players can set up you as friend in Game Center.

We play asynchronic game (that means that you responsible for taking your turn once or more times a day).

We play 2 equal leagues: League 1A and League 1B (this is our first time so leagues are equal, next season we will play in League 1 and League 2).

At the beginning of each round two armies will be chose and all will play using only those one. First two rounds are two pairs of basic armies (Moloch, Borgo, Outpost, Hegemony).

Name of games: NX1Ag12 , NX1Ag12r
(where, NX1A  means Neuroshima Hex League 1A, g12 – game 12, “r” means revenge)

The both parties should be set up by the first player with the correct name of games.

Results of both games should be send to: neuroduel@gmail.com after finished both games. Good to have a print screen with the result. You can make the print screen pushing both buttons of your devices in the same time.

Next round will start after finish the last of previous game.


  • Alinynok (Alinynok7)
  • Artan (Spirit in Black)
  • Blackbern (blackbern)
  • Boogie (Neuroboogie)
  • Brazmen (Brazmen)
  • kron (Kron1337)
  • langerrol (poTenTialy)
  • nemo2233 (nemo2333)
  • Pe (Peheu)
  • Polyp 69 (Polyp69)
  • Psnazazelek (azazelek83)
  • Ronski (Ronro75)
  • SymphoDog(N.O.Demon)
  • Trampon (Magnu73)
  • Xep (Vafrum)
  • Zakwas (zakwasny)

Note: your nick (your game center nick)


31 thoughts on “League of Neuroshima Hex! (sign in)

  1. First of all thanks Alina that you joined us.

    People is from all over the world so we use Asynchronic game, that mean that you have 1 day to take your turn. Of course if you play live thats good too, but its not necessarily.


  2. We have 15 the best Neuroshima Hex Fighters. Today is our last day to sign in. I try to find somebody to set up 2 equal leagues.

    Please, send me an email (neuroduel@gmail.com) if you haven’t send it yet to better contact with me. Please Alinynok and Xep do it, I haven’t contact with you.

    Also, you can instal WordPress application to get better access to website. You can download it from apple store for free.


    • Alina,
      What kind of rules do you think about :)?
      Neuroshima got their own play rules, we are inteligent people and have some major rules. Could you write exaple? Or maybe you can write rules and we implement them. Please, write where is the problem.


      • Strange comment. I am asking about Tournament rules off course.
        You add it all the time. Maybe you could write it completely? Some players from this League (they don’t speak english good enough) ask me all the time about rules and details. Sometimes I fell confused as well.


  3. Im sorry Alina. I just missedunderstand your request. Today I write how we play in rules link. I thought that I explained that in mail but I can do this clearlier. Sorry.


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