Rules! (Modified)

1 season

We play in two Leagues 1A and 1B. Eight players each league. Everyone plays with the rest, so there are 7 rounds, two games in each round NH1Ag1 and NH1Ag1R. 

For winning you get 3 points, tie one only, 0 for lost. 

Two first players each league make semi finals, where first player league 1A plays with second player league 1B. Neuroshima’s General is a player who win Final. Four last players go down and next season will play in second League.

In a Final and semifinals both players send me email which army he wants to use. Remeber that there are revenge so you change armies in second game.

To join us you have to got Neuroshima Hex! on any IOS device. Also, you should have account in Game Center and be able to share this information with other tournament players!


1. We don’t cheat and have a great time together.

2. We start with league and we will try to organize more competitions in Neuroshima depending what application on IOs will offer.

3. Every tournaments got instructions and rules separately.

4. After each game the winner is responsible for delivery print screen of the game (print screen – just press two buttons of your device in the same time) and send it to

5. Player is obligated to make a turn once a day but other way if you finish the game earlier would be great. Play as fast as you can and nobody will wait for you.

6. We play it because we love Neroshima Hex and we looks for people like we 🙂

This is our beginning so please be honest to us if something will not work properly 😉


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