If you have any ideas, this is a place where you can shere them with the rest of our competitors! 


17 thoughts on “Ideas!

  1. An idea for competitions match ups:

    Randomly allocate two armies.
    Play two games with each person playing as each army.
    The winner is the person who got the best score in the end.

    for example Iron the Lion II vs Gunner Recall get allocated Moloch and Outpost

    Game 1: Lion (Moloch) 15/20 : Gunner (Outpost) 7/20
    Game 2: Lion (Outpost) 10/20 : Gunner (Moloch) 20/20

    Gunner Recall would win because he won with a better margin.

    Let me know your thoughts


  2. One remark/question..
    If one player invites the other player for both games then he will be always the starting player.
    Or is there a possibility to choose who is the starting player?
    Or will the starting player be chosen randomly by the application?


  3. Maybe we can work out some ideas for the developers of the game and when we all agree maybe the developers can implement it. The possibility who starts a game for example. An other example (nothing to do with the competition) can be that when someone resigns a 3 or 4 player game (or even a 2-player game), the game does not stop, but the HQ of the resigning person is destroyed and the game can continue (except for the 2-player game of course). I do not like when someone resigns, but i see it now and then. Personally i play till the end, even if i have 1 point left and the other still has all 20 for example.


    • Ron, thats great idea to pick up all ideas and send them as a project. I have contact with one of developer and send a lot of mails with ideas to implement things like that what you said, new game modes like 2vs2, vampire (where if you damage Hq of opponent you your Hq gets the same amount), new armies, online ranking, statistics and many else.
      Maybe if more people sign it they care about it.
      Anyway, thanks for your idea.


      • Thanks. Sounds cool what you want to have in the game. I hope it will be realized. Maybe if the Android-app has the online-mode too, the popularity of the game will grow super fast and then there is more money to develop the new features.


  4. Maybe we can number all hexes on the board and dudge the problem that players have to do the first move in both games. For the second game the opponent writes on this website on what number he/she will put the Head Quarter.
    Do you think it will work or is this a bad idea?


  5. Ronski, that is another thing make complicated our league. We need to make it as simple as possible. We have to wait until developers make changes inside application. Right now lets see how it works.
    Sometimes players need to have some lucky to win, so this who start first let threat as theirs begin luck. BTW. Is it really good to start first :)?


  6. Ok, we wait for the developers. I do not think it is good to start first, because the opponent can decide to put his/her HQ next to your HQ or far away from it in his/her own benefits.


    • In most cases it is better to start first (to get the mid position) so it sort of evens out. I would not worry about the randomness of starting order, better to consider it part of the game just like the shitty draws I keep getting 🙂


  7. Maybe it is possible to inform portal games that we started a neuroshima hex league by sending the wordpress address as proof and to ask them, if they would give us a free copy of the boardgame neuroshima hex or neuroshima hex duel as a gift for the winner. 😀 What do you think brazman. Will you dare a try? In return you could set a link from them on this site, if possible…


    • I thought about that Olivier. I think it is good idea to find a sponsor for a game. Starting new seson I will try to knock their door but now its first of all too late and second this is our braking the ice so let see whats going to be on the end. Thanks Olivier for your activity 🙂


  8. As a bit of extra fun I started running 2 vs 2 games. Good fun usually, especially live ones.

    Here are couple of thoughts on setting up the teams.

    1) one alternative is that the inviter decides the teams and out em on the game title. Straight forward, very clear in async games. The downside is that you can get games where turns of one team are after each other. My feeling is that this emphasizes the luck aspext of draws.

    2) Second option is to invite players with generic title 1&3 vs 2&4 and the teams are matched based on the starting order i.e. The first and third player become a teams and the 2nd and 4th player become a team. The downside of this that teams cannot choose armies that complement each other.

    Any ideas on this?

    Feel free to invite people now that we all know GC accounts.


  9. How do you like a new look of board and tiles? Graphic is now in line with “real” board game (version 3.0). I must say I get used to old graphic (board game version 2.5) and I do not really like new lookout. In some cases new tile looks worse then old ones. But we have no choice other then starting to like new graphic.
    I wish however that developer make more efforts to eliminate bugs rather then improve/change graphic. No good news here. One of the most annoying bug when playing asynchronic – Push – is still not fixed. Still you have to wait for your opponent to choose where to move his tile after your Push – even if there is only one free hex available. So stupid…


    • I like the old tiles much better, but they are not coming back. I hope I get fully used to the new ones, but not at this point yet. When the developer make some changes, like more distinguished colors and sopme other changes I hope it will be better then.
      The Push-turn has to be fixed, I agree. Very annoying 😦
      As I mentioned somewhere above, I hope that resigners get zero points for there HQ and that the game continues (if more than 2 player game).


  10. Agrees I hated the new graphics at first. I didn’t play NSHex for a week after that update. Now that I’m used to it I find it ok and I’m warming to it, slowly


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