Off topic!

You can introduce yourself here to opponets know who crashed their’s army during battle 😉


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  1. Hello, my name is Ron and my name in NH is Ronski. I live in the Netherlands. I wonder from what country the other player are. So if you have no problem to let us know, let us know 🙂

    By the way, are the more players who have problems with the Vegas armie playing online? It is the third time with me a game is frozen with this army and am unable to play further. I mailed to the developers some time ago and they will look in to it. Yesterday another game got stuck.


    • Hi, Im Brazmen and come from country where Neuroshima Hex was born – Poland. I love to play all board games, usually with my 9 years old son. We also play NX on the table. My favorites board games are: NX, Lord of Waterdeep, Agricola and Civilization Thru the Ages.

      Ron, I have never got problem with Vegas. My game sometimes get frozen when I hit Info button to see info about unit. I recomend you to erase Neuroshima Hex from devices and instal it again. Should be better.

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  2. Caucasian male, age 38, of Turkish/Albanian/Serbian ancestry. Unfortunate enough to be born and raised in the black hole of Europe known as Kosovo (Serbia), but happy and thankful to call Ontario, Canada my home for the last 13 years. Honours Bachelor of Science degree from University of Toronto, specialising in psychology. My goal is to live a good, honourable, and productive life. Very passionate about physical, psychological, and spiritual health. Nutrition and bodybuilding enthusiast. Fascinated by all major knowledge disciplines: science, philosophy, religion, and the arts (especially literature, music, and cinema). Lover of dark/extreme arts and of the genre (horror, sci-fi, and fantasy).

    Lifelong gamer, I’m in love with all areas of gaming including RPGs (briefly played AD&D), CCGs (Shadow Era), card games (No Limit Texas Hold ‘em), video games (loyal PlayStation user since PS1), and, of course, board games. I’ve been a supporter of Apple long before the iPod, so I’m thrilled to see the iOS become the ultimate platform for digital board game adaptations, my favourite of which is our beloved Neuroshima Hex! Very excited to be a part of this league and looking forward to some amazing matches with the best players in the world!

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  3. Hello mister,
    Can I have a seat?

    I’m Pierre-Emmanuel, (Pe), i’m french, borned in Normandy and I live in Paris since 2003.
    I’m 32 and i’m father for one month.
    I’m Sound Recorder for movies(documebtaries almost) and if you don’t understand what I said, don’t worry I’m just trying to make a joke.

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  4. Hi everybody,
    time to say few words about Trampon 🙂
    I come from and live in Warsaw, Poland. I started my adventure with board and paper games back in late 80-ties.. We played hex-based wargames (Squadleader type – big maps, tons of tokens, half a day for setup and half a day to play one game) and RPGs (AD&D and some locally developed). Then a looong break (I am not counting PC games like Heroes 3 and cRPGs). I re-discovered board games again 4-5 years ago, starting from (how typical) Carcassone, Settlers and so on. Same as Brazmen, I also play board games with my sons. Older one is now 10 and he is damn smart, it is hard to beat him. We play games like Puerto Rico, Vasco da Gama (less known but still our most favourable), Steam etc. Younger son is 7 and he does not like games as we do because he is very afraid of a loss. We are working on him but slowly. 🙂

    Just recently I started to collect (and play) two old school CCGs – Dune and Middle Earth: The Wizards. Quite an expensive hobby :-{ I was however never involded in MtG or Warcraft scene

    Before now, I was using another login: Jurek so some of more active players may have seen me online.

    I wish all of you boys and girs to have fun while playing Neuro League!

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  5. Kron, 26 from Brisbane Australia

    Came across NSHex when looking for games on iOS, and really enjoyed it.

    Me and my brother both play now (my brother is also in the league, poTenTialy)

    We played a lot of board games growing up, one of our favourites was called HeroQuest. We also played monopoly, scattergories, pictionary and other games.


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