2 vs 2 (sign in)

Tornado (Brazmen, Zakwasny) (GC: Brazmen, zakwasny)

Warlords (Polyp 69, Ronski) (GC: Polyp 69, Ronro75)

Titans (Artan, Nemo) (GC: Spirit in Black, nemo2333)

Bambu (kron and langerrol) (GC: Kron1337, poTenTialy)

Fools (Boogie and Pe) (GC: Neuroboogie, Peheu)

PASI (psnazazelek and Trampon) (GC: azazelek83, Magnu73)

PRO (Alinynok and Xep) (GC: Alinynok7, Vafrum)

Waaagh! (SymphoDog and Jets) (GC: N.O.Demon, Jets2474)

Digital B’s ( MoisesDelMar and Micah) (GC: MoisesDelMar, mjchx11r6)

Banannie (ananab tilps and annie peeps) (GC: ananab tilps, annie peeps)

Wasteland Rogues (Kipish,Gunner Recall)  (GC: _kipish_ , Gunner Recall)

HEX (cpu, miras23) (GC:  :cpu: , miras23)

Neuromonks (GC: darel13 , NeuroFed)

Funken (Sid William, LeChat) (GC: sidwilliam , (!)Le Chat(!) )

2vs2 Leagues have already started.

1. First team is responsible for set up game.

2. Names of games: NX2vs21Ag12, NX2vs21Ag12r where NX2vs2 – teams league, 1A – league 1A, g12r – game 12, r – revenge.


28 thoughts on “2 vs 2 (sign in)

    • First idea was “Grzmiące Chrząszcze” but I am afraid that this is a bit too difficult for our collegues around the world to spell. I mean – to spell with sufficient respect this name demands. So the work goes on.


  1. Even though Pe does not know yet, we will kick all your sorry arses, as long as he manages to log on every now and then.

    Fools (Boogie and Pe)


  2. No way, The official name of our ass-kicking team is:


    P.A.S.I. (which stands for Post Apo Sex Instructors).


  3. Gunner Recall (Gunner Recall) signing in. If there turns out to be an odd number of players then use me. I’m so good I make Nemo shake and cry in a corner every time we match up. *working tile for winning elite team*


  4. Checking in. If I don’t aquire a team mate it is OK.

    I’m in the process of adding as many of you as I can on game center. Hopefully for further competing shenanigans.


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