3rd season 1vs1!!!

Please sign in for Season 3!!!

Next season 1 vs 1 (season 3) will change a bit. Players fill in there scores on a website themselves and all scores and rankings will be visible right away.This time you have a double sign-up.

1) here, on this website, so that other players can see who will join next season. Also we have to divide all on divisions.

2) On the following website: http://nhex.miniradio.nl/login.php (you have to registrate)

The registration will only be valid after clicking the link in the e-mail you get afterwards. You can have a look on the new website and maybe try some things. Everybody will get an e-mail with instructions when the competition start.

Of course we wait until season 2 is finished!!

League 1:

Kipish, Kron, Artan, Psnazazelek, Nemo, Langerrol, Boogie, Trampon.

League 2:

Brazmen, Ananab Tilps, Fanshawee, Pe,  Clyve, Annie Peeps, Ronski, Jets.

League 3:

Balard, Polyp 69, Anonymous 49,  Gunner Recall, Deadkev, Davcio, Gio, Founiman.


18 thoughts on “3rd season 1vs1!!!

  1. Now we have 8 players in league 1, 7 players in league 2 and only 5 players in league 3. This seems no good distribution to me. The players in league 3 have therefore only 4 rounds to play. Could you please change the distribution of the players into equal numbers of players for each league? That would lead to 7 players for league 1 and 2;, 6 for league 3.

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