Hall of Fame!

Kron, Winner of Season 3 and Season 4!

Brazmen: Please introduce yourself. Where do you live? What do you do for a living?

Kron: Hi, my name is Lachlan and I live in Brisbane, Australia. The city I live in is the third largest city in Australia and has great weather all year round. I am the younger brother of langer_rol, we both grew up in a small town a few hours drive from here. I work full time a Commercial Banking analyst for one of the major banks.

B: Whats are your hobbies? What do you do with your spare time?

K: I really enjoy all types of strategy games. At the moment I have been playing an older game Real Time Strategy game on PC called Rise of Nations. It was released in 2003 but is very tactical – it is similar to Neuroshima Hex in that it’s easy to learn but difficult to master. Before this I used to play a lot of poker. I follow the English Premier League closely and my favorite team is Chelsea FC. I also like to watch TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Survivor.

B: What experience have you had with board games? Do you have any favourite board games in particular?

K: I’ve always enjoyed playing board games growing up. My favourite was a game called HeroQuest, the Barbarian was the best. I’ve also played a lot of Monopoly and Risk. My favourite board game in recent times is Colt Express, which is great to play with family.

B: How did you find Neuroshima Hex? What was your first experience?

K: I first bought the app on my iPad back in December 2012. I remember I was looking for some new games on my iPad and so I searched google for “top 10 ipad games” and thankfully it was on the list. Once I downloaded it and learnt the basics, I was hooked. Even with the four basic armies, every game was so different. Not long afterwards I called my brother and recommended it to him. I remember playing it while on an 8 hour flight. We had just taken off, and after what felt like a few games I looked up and the pilot was announcing we were about to land!

B: Which is your favorite army and why?

K: Missisippi – I love the various tactics in trying to poison the opponent from a distance while keeping a strong defence. However I feel the the strongest armies are DDM, Steel Police and Smart.

B: What do you think about Neuroshima Hex application on iOS? Would you change anything?

K: Overall I think the app developers have done a great job. The game looks great and the interface works well. I would only suggest a couple of improvements. Firstly, it can be a little annoying when you push a tile and there is only one square it can possibly go, but the opponent needs to log in to proceed. Next, it would be great to have a “test run” mode to let you temporarily move tiles to see how the board looks. In an intense game it can be difficult trying to visualise where everything will end after the next turn or battle. It would be nice to move tiles around the virtual board as a test run without making an actual move. 

B: As a Champion of Third Season could you please give the new and unexperienced players some tactics and strategies?

K: My advice is always play to your army’s strengths and your opponent’s weaknesses. Try to have a rough idea of what type of tiles your opponent might draw, and plan accordingly. Never force a battle when it isn’t in your clear favour to do so – it is always best to “counter punch” after your opponent has battled and the board is clear. If it’s in the early stages of the game, always poison your enemy if the opportunity comes up. A single poison can be worth up to 4-5 hitpoints by the end of the match. If you’re stuck in a tricky situation, look at what tiles you might draw which can turn the game back in your favour. Always look at the board and assess what your “one off” damage (ie. tiles will die after one battle) and “repetitive” damage (tiles will survive due to net or ranged attack) you will both inflict and receive. Overall try to make the best move you can with the tiles you’ve been given. There is both luck and skill involved which is what makes the game so fun! I’ve had draws which have made me fist pump the air, and others which have made me want to cry. But if you make good decisions you will win more often than you lose.

B: What would you like to say at the end of this short interview?

K: I would like to say thanks to you Brazmen for founding this competition, it has been a great experience and it was an honour to win the 3rd season. I would also like to say a huge thanks to Ronnie for putting many hours of his time into creating the tournament website – what a great site and it works so well. Shoutout to my brother langer_rol for bringing home the title in the first two seasons. There are quite a few up and coming players and the competition will only get stronger from here, so I look forward to many close seasons to come!

B: Thank you Kron for this short interview and one more time I would like to congratulate you awsome 3rd season. Also I wish you many success for upcomming seasons. Thanks!

Langerrol, Winner of Season 1 and Season 2!


Hi all, I’m langerrol (game centre nickname of poTenTialy) from Queensland, Australia. I’ve been playing neuroshima hex for 3 years now, with the first half of that time playing against either the AI or my brother kron (who introduced it to me). This is by far my favourite strategy game on iphone where there is enough variety with 1v1, 2v2 or 3 or 4 ‘free for all’ where the matches always make for a good challenge. The other games I play at the moment are risk, monopoly (you would be surprised on how strategic it is), rivals of catan and civilisation.

In looking at the other peoples background I’m afraid I can’t boast of much experience with strategy board games. Growing up we played games like hero quest, monopoly, cluedo, chess and checkers but nothing compared to the in depth strategy games you can buy today. I do however enjoy card games including 500 (a 4 player game which is a favourite amongst Australians), free cell (single player) and my all time favourite would be a German card game called Doppelkopf. If were ever to recommend a card game for some serious strategy minded players, it would be Doppelkopf.

I’d like to give a shout out to Nemo as well who I always enjoy playing against. If you are willing to learn, Nemo will definitely school anyone in how to play this game well (as he has me many a time).

So that’s enough about me and I’ll leave you with some parting advice:

think different – the obvious move is not always the best


4 thoughts on “Hall of Fame!

  1. Thanks kron for your insighful tips! I’ll start practicing everyday and maybe I’ll get better… Mississippi 4 lyfe ā¤


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