League Structure 

Our league has four divisions and they are rank-based: Division 1 is the home of the veterans—the best players in the league, while Division 4 is the starting place for new players. Each division has eight players.

 Each season has seven rounds devised so that each player will face every player in their division during the course of one season—seven rounds, seven opponents.

 Each round is a duel (a two-player game) played with two randomly selected armies. Each duel is made up of two games using the same two armies, which are reversed in the second game. Both games must be played simultaneously. In addition, the order of armies must be equal in both games. Once both games are finished, the players’ HQ points are added up and the player with the higher score wins the duel. The winner of every round receives two points, while the loser receives zero points. In the case of a tie, both players receive one point.

 At the end of every season, the players’ points are added up to determine the rankings in each division. In the case of equal points, the rankings are decided by the overall HQ point difference from all the games. In the very unlikely case of a persistent tie between two players even after the HQ point difference is taken into account, the winner of their duel would receive the ranking advantage. Division 1 winner becomes the season champion. The top two players from Divisions 2, 3, and 4 advance to the higher division, while the bottom players from Divisions 1, 2, and 3 move down to the lower division.

League Website

 All players must register at our website: . Once registered players can join leagues. At the start of every round, players receive an email informing them of who their opponent is and which two armies will be used in that round. Either of the two players in a duel can create the two games for that round and invite the opponent as soon as possible using the email invite function within the Neuroshima Hex app. The players should do this even if they are not finished with the previous round. The app creates game links, which a player can either post on KakaoTalk or paste in the Invite section of our website. If the opponent does not respond to game invites in the allotted time for one round, the player should enter scores 10-0, 10-0 for that round to claim two points. If neither of the two players invites the other and the games are not played, both players receive zero points for that round and the games are scored 0-0, 0-0.

 Once a duel is accepted and the games are underway, each player is required to make at least one move per day in both games until both games are finished. Once the games are concluded, both players need to enter the game scores on the website. Failing to do so in the allotted time for one round will result in score deductions of one HQ point per day. Two days before the end of the round, players will receive an email warning, informing them that the scores for that round have not been entered, if that is indeed the case. That email message contains a link for a ten-day extension, which players should activate in case they are unable to finish the games on time. In the case of a game timing out, the player who failed to make a move in time loses all HQ points for that game.


Special Rules


Vegas always starts second.


Dancer will not be a part of our league until its bugs have been sufficiently fixed.